02.01.13 1601%

Let’s see how we wrapped up what has been a solid week.

1st Alert…… (- 50%) This stock had a clear signal in the pre market and momentum from yesterday. But Friday’s are freaky, and I guess the MMs didn’t want you making anymore money so It reversed on us. We no likey that.

2nd Alert…… Flat This one also reversed on us, but the system still had a buy and you were rewarded for staying. You could have even profited for 10-20% but to be fair we’ll call it flat.

3rd Alert…… 180% We alerted at 9:38 AM got in at .15 and the position ran to .42 in just a few hours.

4th Alert…… 1100% We had our eyes on this all day and timed it almost perfectly. Picked it up at .05 and rode all the way to .55 for a monster gain!

On Fridays we sometimes do what we call lotto plays. If we had picked this up earlier it would have been easily another 10 times your money. But better late than never bought at .35 and ran all the way to 2.00 571%

We did hold a couple positions overnight and those did not work out. Total losses. So we’ll add those as well. Understand though, the only reason we did this is because we had so much money left over for the week. These were simply all or nothing plays. We really don’t like doing them, but again we had money to lose. So today’s total is 1601%

A fantastic week by any standards.

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